Refreshed, Renewed and Regenerated
for Great Sleep

Illuminating the Mystery of Sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the modules?

There are four modules: each one has a particular focus offering uncommon wisdom about sleep and best practices for refreshing sleep. The four modules are:
  1. The Mystery of Sleep (Wisdom of the ancients in a modern context)
  2. Sleep and the Second Brain (the role of the gut in quality sleep)
  3. Sleep Habit Hacks (Best practices from folk traditions and modern science)
  4. The Sleep Mastery Lifestyle (Dreams and ongoing mastery of sleep)

Do I need to purchase anything else?

No, there is no upsell here. With your purchase you will receive access to all four modules plus the accompanying informative fifteen-page pdf, along with a sample sleep journal.

Can this really help me?

Yes! You were made to sleep! A steady dedication and practice of the suggested folk remedies and habits can do wonders toward gaining restorative sleep. For some individuals the sleep restoration is very rapid, for others, it may take a week or a few weeks. But with the practices natural sleep rhythms can be restored.

How does this differ from the many other programs available online?

Indeed, there are many sleep programs available! Nearly all sleep programs fall into one of three categories: programs offering CBTi (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), programs centered in hypnosis, or programs offering a combination of sleep medication with CBTi (requiring medical supervision). RRR falls outside of this triad. RRR is truly holistic in that it focuses on both physical and subtle aspects of the human body, and takes up the relationship of the gut and quality of sleep.

Does this approach conflict with CBTi?

Not at all. CBTi can be quite useful, it is just not the whole picture. The RRR PDF includes instructions for crafting your own CBTi plan, and many of the basic sleep habit hacks in RRR overlap with basic CBTi practices.

If I'm taking sleep medication, can I try this program?

There is nothing that would conflict with medication, however if you are taking medication for a particular condition, check with your health care practitioner before making any changes or embarking on any new plan.

How does a holistic understanding of the human being help me to sleep?

A fuller understanding of our human nature is part of the whole sleep restoration turn around. There are hidden mysteries about sleep that were common knowledge in earlier times. Reclaiming some of the lost wisdom can have a soothing effect on our modern sleep-deprived culture. The holistic perspective works in conjunction with the healthful sleep practices.

Why is RRR only $44?

For the present time is it offered at this affordable price for the purpose of getting this valuable information out to as broad a field as possible to address the global crisis of inadequate sleep.